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File this under: Leaving the nest with an increased nest egg

Since I last posted there have been some massive changes in my life.

amazing-things-are-happening-here-77159837Let me take you back…

Monday the 8th of April…

I’d been submitting job application after job application with no success. On this particular Monday I received a phone call asking me to come to interview for a position, and I excitedly said yes!

Wednesday 10th of April…

On the previous weekend, I had seen a lovely townhouse online for rent in our price range. I rang the owner, who said we could come and have a look on Wednesday night. So at 5:30pm, the boyfriend and I looked through this house that was perfect for us and we crossed our fingers.

Thursday 11th of April…

What if we don’t get it?’ Boyfriend’s nervous question came from the other room. We had spent the day hurriedly collecting copies of licenses and pay slips and references. But filling in our rental application proved to be amazingly simple. What was not so simple was waiting to hear back.

Friday 12th of April…

At 11am, my head full of facts and my stomach full of butterflies, I walked into my interview (wearing my nose ring, I might add.) At 11.30am I left my interview, certain of my absolute and total incompetence and failure to answer any question coherently.tenant-approvedAt 11.35am I received a phone call to say OUR RENTAL APPLICATION WAS APPROVED! And then…could we move in tomorrow?

Move in tomorrow

Tomorrow !

Cue an evening of disgustingly stressful and fast-paced packing and discussing potential furniture arrangements.

Saturday 13th of April…

At 12.30pm we sign our first lease. It’s crazy given that a little over a year ago I was convinced I would wind up a spinster with approximated 63 cats, to find myself in a kind of domestic bliss.

So Saturday and Sunday are spent boxing our possessions, carrying heavy things and preying on the kindness of our parents to help get all our worldly possessions into our tiny townhouse.

The closest we come to a fight is over where to place a vase. As I later told my friend, to some giggling, it was his vase, not mine. (The giggling makes sense if you have met my boyfriend, who stands at 6’7, is nearly 100kgs of muscle and is an aggressively competitive athlete.) We did reach an agreement on the placement of the vase, and I must admit I think it looks good.

So by Sunday 14th of April…

We are thoroughly exhausted. And in the absence of any real food in the house, make do on a dinner of Mi Goreng and a bottle of wine.

But wait! There’s more…

Monday 15th of April…

I spend the morning ringing the electricity company, the gas company, getting broadband connected and getting contents insurance quotes (which is a whole other post to come!) I’m feeling incredibly grown up, with all my competence arranging adult things.

Then the phone rang. I got the new job!


It really feels like everything in my life is starting to take an upturn. After what is the worst six months of my life in so many ways, positive things are happening!

So on Tuesday 16th of April…

I float through the tedium of opening a joint bank account, paying rental bond and grocery shopping. I must be an adult: capable, independent and generally amazing. All signs point to it. (And I will maintain this view until it is convenient to do otherwise :P) 

This is Julia, being grown up.



My name is Julia. I'm 24. I like writing and making tragicomic mistakes.

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