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My name is Julia, and I’m addicted to sugar.

Last week I went with two friends to see ‘The Great Gatsby’. (It was awesome by the way!) At dinner, we started talking about the amount of sugar we ate. I was told about Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar.’

I’ve recognised for a while that I’m a sugar addict. Chocolate, lollies, pasta, fruit juice, soft drink – I eat it all with alarming regularity. Just as regular is the bloating, mood swings, energy slumps and headaches. So before the movie I picked up a copy of the book. And a jumbo box of Nerds. Yes, I do recognise the irony.


I’m following the books 8 Week Detox. So starting this week I will be weaning sugar from my diet. It will be a gentle transition, where I take the rest of the month to remove a few sugary foods at a time until I go cold-turkey in July. This will co-incide with Dry July, so I’m guaranteed to be a horrible person while I slog out the cravings. Fun times ahead people.

I am very apprehensive about this, but part of being a grown up is listening to my body and making good healthy decisions for myself. My body is clearly saying, ‘Too much sugar.”


I’m going to keep track of my progress, moods and body changes on here for you to follow, and to keep me accountable.

This is Julia, cutting out the sweets, and being grown up.



My name is Julia. I'm 24. I like writing and making tragicomic mistakes.

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