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Building A House of Bricks

“You see it is just as I told you. The way to get along in the world is to do things as well as you can.”

Mother Pig, The Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs

In the Three Little Pigs, two pigs get eaten. The third builds his house of bricks and the wolf, unable to blow the bricks down, comes through the chimney and meets his end in a pot of boiling water. I’m not sure what the intended moral of this story is, but it speaks to me of the importance of making solid and secure life decisions, particularly in the housing market.

Some things seem like much more grown up steps than others. One of those things is buying your first home. For that reason, I am feeling extremely Grown Up this week. My boyfriend and I bought an apartment on the weekend!

Before I get to ahead of myself, I should tell you, the apartment doesn’t exist. Not yet. It is due for completion next June (but it would be a very good joke to take that date as gospel) so I probably won’t be completely grown up and moved in for 18 months or so.

There are lots of things about buying a property that are grown up. Negotiating, calculating mortgages, talking to solicitors, applying for loans and considering things like north-facing aspects and practical floor plans. The first step was to pay a holding deposit, which we did on Monday. Next we will be off to meet the solicitor and sign contracts – this will also involve spending the most money I have ever spent EVER! Scary. Daunting. Exhilarating. In fact, I’ve been thinking so many thoughts and experiencing so many emotions that I have a headache. (As a side: Halfway through typing that last sentence I received a phone call from the solicitor. Does anyone else have a phone voice? Mine is a little slower, deeper and more metred. Very mature and professional.)

I can’t help but feel sad about this purchase as well. Dad’s death has changed a lot of things about my life, and it has impacted my future in a lot of ways. I wouldn’t be able to make this step at this stage in my life if he hadn’t died. But I think he would be proud of me for making smart and educated decisions that will benefit me in the long run. I’ve done a lot of research about property and loans, and that thoroughness is something I inherited from him.

Soon we get to pick out our colour scheme. I’m already online shopping for furniture (I am coveting King Furniture lounges – they are to die for!), and my boyfriend is scrolling through Etsy admiring light fittings. Perhaps we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but it can’t all be legal and financial. Shopping is the fun part!

This is Julia, being grown up.



My name is Julia. I'm 24. I like writing and making tragicomic mistakes.

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