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Mid Year Performance Review

At the beginning of the year I set a few goals. At work this week we are doing our mid year performance reviews, to make sure everything is on track and to remind us to redouble our efforts on some of the things we have avoided or not quite achieved.

So I thought I should do my own mid-year review, and give myself some incentive to keep pushing forward with my goals for the next six months.

2014 Goals:


– Study for one hour (outside class time) each week day.

Haha, nope. Fail.

–  Achieve a minimum Distinction grade in each unit.

Two high distinctions so far, yeah baby!

– N/A Complete all requirements for graduation.

This one isn’t actually possible at this point, but I am on the right track, so I’ve got that going for me.

–  X Apply for Masters.

I can’t yet, since applications aren’t open, but I’m not sure at the moment whether this is still something I want to do…


–  X Achieve permanency at current APS 4 level.

Not yet…but I’ll keep trying.

–   Reduce sick leave days.

I think I’ve had four days off this year. That’s pretty good in six months.


–  Eat breakfast every day (Try Green smoothies)

I did try green smoothies, they are okay. With only a couple of exceptions, I have eaten something every morning. That’s a big improvement for me.

–   X Take a gym or pole class six days per week.

Not quite, I think I have averaged 3-4 classes a week. This can and should improve going forward.

–  X Walk for 45 minutes before work in the mornings (at least 2-3 times per week)

oh god. This goal was misguided. I’m afraid to say I don’t think it will ever happen.

–  Reduce the amount of sugar and alcohol in my diet.

Yes! I’ve had a couple of relapses, but overall, I have reduced my intake. The final barrier is chocolate, that seductive, velvety hurdle.


–   Take up a new skill; look at Archery.

I’ve been doing archery since February, it’s fun and I don’t completely suck at it. Boyfriend comes with me and it is nice to bond over learning a skill.

–   X Get my learners motorbike license.

Still too scared, but I really want to get on a bike before I go overseas next year.

–  Be proactive about seeing friends.

My social life has been pretty hectic this year, I’ve been quite impressed with myself.


–   X Save $300 a week.

No. Thanks to fitness and social goals my savings have stagnated a little. Still saving a bit though, so that’s a plus.

–  Pack lunch instead of buying.

I’ve been really good with this. On Sunday afternoon I cook a big batch of something and freeze it in five portions. Voila!

–  N/A Apply for weekend job when university finishes.

Uni hasn’t finished, so this one really doesn’t apply yet.

That’s seven crosses, two N/A’s and seven ticks: a 50% success rate at the half way point. I have six months to get that to 100%. Wish me luck!

This is Julia, being grown up.



My name is Julia. I'm 24. I like writing and making tragicomic mistakes.

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