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Taking Time for Me

A big aim of mine this year has been to stay organised, motivated and on top of things. It is important to work hard, and to be responsible at work, at university and at home. But its also important to take care of yourself. The last six months I’ve been burning the wick at both ends. I’m exhausted and fighting a cold. So in the last couple of days, I have given myself a break. During this time, I’ve been thinking about what self-care means to me. So I present:

Julia’s Guide to Self-Care

1. Attack Your Stressors

This is your break, but if you can’t switch off from that assignment due next week, or the dishes that need washing, Get It Done! Do whatever your need to do in order to relax.

2. Move Your Body

Believe me, I know it is the last thing you might feel like. But if you’re feeling tired or flat, exercise can be so rejuvenating. Pick something you enjoy, whether it be dancing to a great album, walking around your neighbourhood, or jumping on the bed. (For me, it is Cleo the Hurricane’s Rockin’ Legs n’ Abs). The endorphins will make you feel awesome.

3. Take a Really Long BathST03

Or, if you’re like me and don’t have a bathtub, sit under the shower head. Play some music, use a luscious body wash (I recommend anything coconut scented) and put a treatment through your hair. Then sit and soak (or steam, as the case was for me!)

4. Get Dressed

There is something about spending all day in pyjamas that makes me feel like a hospital patient.

tina-belcher-e13878272249775. Pick Out a Few Good Movies, TV shows or Books

Laze around and watch/read them without apology. Try to pick something that will make you laugh, but won’t force you to think too hard. I’ve been watching Bob’s Burgers. Tina is a brilliant character!

6. Feed Yourself

Choose foods that will make you feel whole. This could mean it’s soup, salad and veggies for your body, or chocolate, ice cream and doughnuts for your soul. I made a ludicrously half-assed laksa style soup. It was good for body and soul, and surprisingly delicious.

Finally, take your time and try not to feel guilty. I know that I struggle to stop thinking about how I should be doing something productive instead of relaxing. But nothing is so important that you can’t take time for yourself. All of your work and plans will still be there when you are ready. Look out for you, and other good things will follow.

Love from Julia, being grown up.




My name is Julia. I'm 24. I like writing and making tragicomic mistakes.

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