About Julia, being grown up

Growing up is hard.

I’m Julia. I’m a creative writing graduate. I like kittens, chocolate, cuddling my fiance and shopping for vintage furniture.

I dislike cleaning, cooking and being responsible BUT I’ve moved out of home (okay, now I have moved back home but I must emphasise that it is temporary).  I’m 24 and disorganised, so I’m learning how to be an adult.

Soon I’m going on a very big adventure, traversing Europe for 12 months with fiance by my side. I also have an apartment being built, a whole other exhilarating headache.

Since my father died in February 2013, I’ve found my perspective on life entirely changed. Mortality is terrifying and life won’t wait. If I want something, I am going to try to get it. If I don’t know something I am going to try and find out. Then I am going to tell you all about it.

Finally, this blog is about my life long love for writing, and my life long struggle to find something to write about.

I hope you enjoy sharing the journey with me. Please leave me a comment if you think we could be friends!

This is Julia, being grown up.


7 thoughts on “About Julia, being grown up

    1. Hi Toni
      I guess my blog shows I haven’t been writing much at all lately. I have been doing a bit more creative writing, but I’m not sure if it has a place on this blog. Hoping to write more regularly now that uni has wrapped up for the year!

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