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2015 so far…

Hello dear readers

I have been quite neglectful of this little blog, haven’t I?

It’s worrying really. I’ve been terribly clucky lately. Secretly, I sometimes have daydreams of myself with a round, life filled belly. I stare unabashedly at young families and pregnant women. It’s not even exclusive to human babies. I find myself checking out the RSPCA pages and patting stranger’s dogs on the street. But I can’t even update a blog regularly. How could I care for another, completely dependent, living thing?

Thoughts like these are much closer to becoming reality for me though. I’M GETTING MARRIED. Le boyfriend (who shall now be known as fiancé) proposed in early November 2014. It’s a very romantic story, involving ducks and champagne corks and wading in knee-deep muddy water.

In the nearly six months since, wedding planning has been a joyful and vague hobby of mine. Despite my distaste, I finally succumbed and created a Pinterest account and am happily pinning lacy dresses and extravagant reception halls. We won’t be getting married for another two years, so for now, I can scroll blissfully in the knowledge that the actual planning, and associated stress, is still far off.

But why the delay? I hear you ask. Well, we are going to Ireland. Come July, le fiancé and I will be boarding a plane and taking off to the Emerald Isle for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Because why not?

In the meantime we have packed up the little townhouse that sparked the birth of Julia, Being Grown Up. Moving involved lots of other grown up tasks that will have to wait for next time. I intend for my next post to be much sooner than the last.

Until then, this is Julia, Being Grown Up.

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A celebration of sorts

There are a couple of reasons I haven’t written lately. Actually, it’s really just one reason that created a bunch of others.

For university this semester, I had an assignment to write a 15,000 word creative piece. It took me two-and-a-half months, and during that time, it absorbed all of my creative energy. I simply did not have any other writing in me. It’s submitted now, and I am nervously awaiting the result.


I think it’s like any important piece of work. Even after nine drafts, I wasn’t satisfied that my work was finished. It got to the point where I just had to let go. It’s a scary, exciting, painful thing to do – letting go.

In doing so, I completed the final requirements for my Bachelors degree. It’s the end of five years of study, and the start of many new adventures. I’ve got quite a few big things to tell you about soon.

For now, I’m just enjoying not having deadlines hanging over my head.

This is Julia, being grown up.

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A Poem About Work

The clattering of keyboards
rattles round inside my brain;
The humming of the hard drive
is driving me insane;
The patter of the printer
puts me in physical pain.

The endless ‘ding’ of emails
as they enter an inbox;
The cry of mouses clicking
and the ticking of the clocks;
The chaos only quietens
when the filing cabinet locks.

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Taking Time for Me

A big aim of mine this year has been to stay organised, motivated and on top of things. It is important to work hard, and to be responsible at work, at university and at home. But its also important to take care of yourself. The last six months I’ve been burning the wick at both ends. I’m exhausted and fighting a cold. So in the last couple of days, I have given myself a break. During this time, I’ve been thinking about what self-care means to me. So I present:

Julia’s Guide to Self-Care

1. Attack Your Stressors

This is your break, but if you can’t switch off from that assignment due next week, or the dishes that need washing, Get It Done! Do whatever your need to do in order to relax.

2. Move Your Body

Believe me, I know it is the last thing you might feel like. But if you’re feeling tired or flat, exercise can be so rejuvenating. Pick something you enjoy, whether it be dancing to a great album, walking around your neighbourhood, or jumping on the bed. (For me, it is Cleo the Hurricane’s Rockin’ Legs n’ Abs). The endorphins will make you feel awesome.

3. Take a Really Long BathST03

Or, if you’re like me and don’t have a bathtub, sit under the shower head. Play some music, use a luscious body wash (I recommend anything coconut scented) and put a treatment through your hair. Then sit and soak (or steam, as the case was for me!)

4. Get Dressed

There is something about spending all day in pyjamas that makes me feel like a hospital patient.

tina-belcher-e13878272249775. Pick Out a Few Good Movies, TV shows or Books

Laze around and watch/read them without apology. Try to pick something that will make you laugh, but won’t force you to think too hard. I’ve been watching Bob’s Burgers. Tina is a brilliant character!

6. Feed Yourself

Choose foods that will make you feel whole. This could mean it’s soup, salad and veggies for your body, or chocolate, ice cream and doughnuts for your soul. I made a ludicrously half-assed laksa style soup. It was good for body and soul, and surprisingly delicious.

Finally, take your time and try not to feel guilty. I know that I struggle to stop thinking about how I should be doing something productive instead of relaxing. But nothing is so important that you can’t take time for yourself. All of your work and plans will still be there when you are ready. Look out for you, and other good things will follow.

Love from Julia, being grown up.


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Things GrownUps Do

Things grownups do that I am quite good at:

  • Set up direct debits
  • Pack the dishwasher
  • Cook dinner
  • Make appointments
  • Go to family get-togethers
  • Decorate
  • Shop at a Farmers Market
  • Remember to turn off the lights and the heater
  • Pack lunches
  • Maintain a relationship
  • Research different insurance and service policies
  • Submit assignments and pay bills on time
  • Keep a job
  • Arrive places on time
  • Maintain a savings account
  • File my email inbox
  • Deal with tradesmen

Things grownups do that I am not so great at:

  • Make sure there is enough money in my account to enable direct debits
  • Unpack the dishwasher
  • Answer text messages
  • Portion control
  • Wear matching socks
  • Study regularly
  • Keep appointments
  • Clean my guinea pigs cage
  • Keep the house tidy
  • Get up when my alarm goes off
  • Maintain my car
  • Fold and iron my clothes
  • Weed the garden
  • Make the bed
  • Make small talk

This is Julia, being grown up (or at least trying!)

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Broken Appliances Come in Threes: Part Two

Last week on Julia’s thrilling life…

My dishwasher was successfully replaced after a long, painful process, and almost immediately the fridge stopped working.

So. Like most things in my house, my fridge was inherited my my father. I’m not sure why, but Dad always wanted to economise to the nth degree, so this was just about the tiniest, cheapest fridge you can get. For about 12 months we had struggled to pack in enough food to feed us both. (This becomes a bigger challenge when you realise the full extent of boyfriends food needs – he averages 10,000 calories a day.)

Small fridge + big appetite = very full shelves
Small fridge + big appetite = very full shelves

The opportunity to get a slightly bigger fridge was pretty exciting. The cost, and the logistics of getting the fridge home, were not.

After having a serious chat over coffee about the merits of white vs. stainless steel, upside down freezers and deli compartments, we settled on a basic model. The sales assistant then charged us for a fancier one we didn’t want. Luckily we noticed and were able to get a refund of the price difference.

We needed a fridge that day, since all our food was quickly defrosting, and it was a Saturday, so delivery wasn’t an option. But I am not exaggerating when I say that working out how to get that fridge the 4km from the Good Guys to our house nearly ended my relationship. I had no idea that the various methods for securing appliances with octopus straps could cause so much tension. In the end I told boyfriend that he could sort it out himself and watched Star Wars IV. One of my less successful adult moments.

But I took care of cleaning out the old fridge and getting the new one all set up. I guess you win some, you lose some.

Part Three: The lid fell of the washing machine. At this stage we absolutely refused to get any new appliances. So our washing machine is currently bumping and swishing around with no lid. Ah, the glamourous life I lead.

I have realised all of this probably isn’t that interesting. But it has occupied a lot of my grown up, adult, responsible housekeeper thoughts of late. I’ll try to be a bit more exciting next post.

In the meantime, I hope all of your appliances function perfectly.

This is Julia, keeping her cool, and being grown up.